Transliteration engine
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2021-09-30 19:26Update licenselumidify2+4-4
2021-03-22 12:03Add note about mnemonics to READMElumidify1+5-0
2021-03-15 12:57Revert "Change mnemonics for word choice window"lumidify1+2-5
2021-03-15 08:24Change mnemonics for word choice windowlumidify1+5-2
2021-03-15 08:00Add mnemonics to word choice windowlumidify1+10-6
2021-03-10 07:38Set cursor to replaced word in context text boxeslumidify1+13-2
2021-03-10 07:25Switch to gtk3lumidify2+51-51
2021-03-09 10:06Actually remove the mnemonic...lumidify1+1-1
2021-03-09 10:05Remove mnemonic for "Retry without"lumidify1+0-7
2021-03-09 09:58Add several shortcuts/mnemonics to unknown word windowlumidify1+24-13
2021-03-09 07:59Add dumptables optionlumidify2+23-2
2020-06-21 12:10Change lumidify onion service to v3lumidify1+1-1
2020-05-24 07:31Fix documentationlumidify2+8-2
2020-04-27 07:28Make utf8 handling strict; small style fixlumidify1+7-7
2020-04-22 11:29Add warning about utf8lumidify1+2-0
2020-04-22 11:27Open STDIN as utf8lumidify1+1-0
2020-04-20 12:41Modify behavior of 'Ignore whole line'lumidify1+15-9
2020-04-17 12:26Add clarification to documentationlumidify1+3-1
2020-04-17 08:00Small cleanuplumidify1+11-17
2020-04-17 07:50Add debugging option for match and group statementslumidify2+87-31
2020-04-14 10:59Fix reset button in unknown word windowlumidify1+2-1
2020-04-14 10:56Make unknown_button insensitive when it isn't neededlumidify1+3-1
2020-04-14 08:29Make skip button insensitive when it is not neededlumidify1+2-0
2020-04-14 08:22Remove the last todolumidify1+0-6
2020-04-14 08:20Remove nocompletechoiceslumidify1+28-27
2020-04-12 17:08Add another clarificationlumidify1+2-1
2020-04-12 11:27Add another todolumidify1+6-0
2020-04-11 18:49Add TODOlumidify1+5-0
2020-04-11 14:42Change nocompletechoices to be command line optionlumidify1+11-14
2020-04-11 14:32Add nocompletechoices optionlumidify1+17-6
2020-04-09 13:51Add "Open in unknown word window" buttonlumidify1+106-38
2020-04-08 11:49Add 'Reset text' button; modify retrywithoutlumidify1+48-26
2020-04-08 08:44Fix small regressionlumidify1+5-2
2020-04-08 08:40Fix opening of relative pathslumidify1+12-21
2020-04-08 07:39Add warning to documentationlumidify1+4-0
2020-04-08 07:36Small fixlumidify1+3-4
2020-04-08 06:56Fix comment option; add 'ignore whole line' to GUIlumidify1+27-4
2020-04-08 06:00Add comment option for text files; default to STDIN for input filelumidify3+36-17
2020-04-07 14:29Small cleanuplumidify1+4-11
2020-04-07 12:13Add warning to documentationlumidify1+7-0
2020-04-07 11:27Change display name for retrywithout to stringlumidify2+3-3
2020-04-07 11:21Replace diacritics with retrywithoutlumidify3+67-60
2020-04-06 16:01Remove choiceoverride and add override option to replace statementslumidify3+35-49
2020-04-06 15:07Add option to ignore word choiceslumidify1+8-1
2020-04-06 14:10And another onelumidify1+1-1
2020-04-06 14:02Small cleanuplumidify1+1-1
2020-04-06 13:43Fix choiceoverridelumidify8+50-4
2020-04-06 07:58Clarify documentation for choiceoverridelumidify1+12-0
2020-04-06 07:43Add choiceoverride optionlumidify1+38-9
2020-04-04 16:36Fix writing replacement words when revert is setlumidify1+22-1
2020-04-03 18:23Misc. cleanuplumidify1+73-127
2020-04-02 12:28Update documentation for targetdiacriticslumidify1+20-4
2020-04-02 11:44Add feature to targetdiacriticslumidify1+16-0
2020-04-02 08:10Add targetdiacritics optionlumidify1+34-1
2020-04-01 18:09Add note about canonical decompositionlumidify1+3-0
2020-04-01 16:00Fix documentation formattinglumidify1+1-1
2020-04-01 15:29Document revert optionlumidify1+15-5
2020-04-01 14:52Add revert option to configlumidify1+30-16
2020-04-01 13:39Revert changes done to split_wordslumidify2+34-45
2020-04-01 13:17Add clarification to documentationlumidify2+3-3
2020-04-01 12:14Update documentation for diacriticslumidify1+77-30
2020-03-31 18:05Clean up diacritic handlinglumidify5+25-53
2020-03-31 15:40Modify diacritic handlinglumidify2+38-41
2020-03-31 14:43Clean up a bitlumidify1+14-33
2020-03-31 14:20Don't split compound words before asking for unknown wordslumidify2+31-2
2020-03-31 13:48Add diacritic handling; documentation not updated yetlumidify6+109-15
2020-03-30 13:27Add nodisplay attribute to table loading in the configlumidify1+19-15
2020-03-30 11:46Fix testslumidify4+8-5
2020-03-30 11:04Fix 'Add replacement' with words requiring expansions in the GUI; tests currently brokenlumidify8+163-62
2020-03-30 09:03Sort table list before displaying in GUIlumidify1+6-6
2020-03-30 08:51Fix hard-coded commalumidify1+2-2
2020-03-28 16:07Add requirements to readmelumidify1+2-0
2020-03-28 07:51Update documentationlumidify1+8-2
2020-03-28 07:14Enable line wrap on text boxeslumidify1+4-2
2020-03-27 13:48Add clarification to documentationlumidify2+18-0
2020-03-26 20:25Add TODOlumidify1+1-0
2020-03-26 18:44Add LICENSElumidify1+13-0
2020-03-26 15:10Update documentationlumidify1+1-0
2020-03-26 15:04Update READMElumidify1+3-0
2020-03-26 13:49Fix style of documentationlumidify7+99-72
2020-03-26 09:54Add another testlumidify7+33-0
2020-03-26 09:38Add more explanation to documentationlumidify1+98-6
2020-03-26 06:37Copy data from old repositorylumidify15+1689-0