Notes on Copyright

For all I care, anything here is CC0/public domain, but since quite a few of these recipes were taken at least in part from elsewhere, the situation is probably more complicated.

Most of the recipes here are based on recipes that were found in various places, but often multiple ones combined. I do not remember which of them came from where originally, but as far as I know, all or at least almost all of them were modified before posting them here, so they are not exact copies of any other recipe.

If you think any of these recipes constitute copyright infringement, please contact me at recipes[at]lumidify[dot]org.

The images and any notes I added are all CC0/public domain.

There are some recipes that were definitely not copied from anywhere. These are all CC0/public domain like the images:

Note: It's possible that the general guidelines for how much semolina/sago/starch to use in the pudding recipes are from somewhere else, but all other parts of the recipes should be original.

These recipes were technically copied from somewhere, but I looked at a lot of different sources and mixed everything together, so they shouldn't be too similar to any single recipe:

The following recipes are really just general guidelines, but they definitely were not copied from anywhere: