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Semiphilosophical Ramblings Concerning Bread-Baking

I have come to the conclusion that most bread recipes you can find are needlessly complicated. Most of the time, I just dump together whatever I have and see what comes out. Of course, you do need to be a bit careful, but it really doesn't require 20 different types of flour and other junk like a lot of recipes online.

Some of the recipes below do have lots of different ingredients, but these recipes are just meant as a random collection of stuff I've made, not some sort of authoritative reference of the right way to do things. The recipe for potato bread, for instance, was found by just trying what would happen if I used more potatoes than usual. The first time I made it, I added way too much water and the result wasn't overly great, but the second time, it turned out pretty decently. Also, I've started using whole grain shredded rye in a lot of my bread, but you should be able to use other flour as well, just have fun and don't take the exact instructions in these recipes too seriously.

On a different note, my later recipes use very little yeast compared to what you're usually supposed to use. I just let the bread rise much longer than usual and that works out pretty well. I figure that it doesn't do any harm and I can save yeast, so I might as well do it that way. Here, though, the same warning applies that I mentioned above - the exact durations that I let my bread rise are entirely random and just written here because I know that it worked for me that way. If it works better to let it rise overnight, you can try that - just experiment to see what works.

Now some general notes:

Spelt (Dinkel) Bread


Images: Chocolate glazing Chocolate glazing (cut) Sugar glazing


Images: Chocolate glazing No glazing

Whole Grain Rye Sourdough (Initial Creation)

Image: Sourdough

Whole Grain Rye Sourdough (With Sourdough Starter)

Whole Grain Rye Bread

Image: Whole Grain Rye Bread

Low-Carb Bread

Whole Grain Buns (well, except for the potatoes...)

Images: Whole Cut

Potato Bread

Images: Whole Cut