GUI toolkit for X11 (WIP)
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TODO (1328B)

      1 NOTE: this it the old todo, some of it only applies to ltkd
      3 Error levels: allow to only print errors and ignore regular events
      5 Possibly implement xrandr support for proper dpi handling
      7 Double-buffering; general improvements to rendering...
      9 Convert points to pixels for stb rendering (currently, the size between
     10 pango and stb is completely different).
     12 Implement broadcast command for communication between clients
     13 -> Maybe also some sort of client storage? (probably overkill)
     15 Catch signals in ltkc to send quit command to ltkd.
     17 Random stuff:
     18 * This is not really a general-purpose GUI toolkit - imagine building
     19   a complex GUI with this. Especially things like having to respond
     20   directly to mouse movement wouldn't be very efficient due to all the
     21   protocol overhead (or would it maybe not be as bad as I think?).
     22   One idea would be to have a C API and the socket API. The C program
     23   works more or less like a regular GUI program but the GUI mainloop
     24   still opens the socket as usual and allows commands to be sent that
     25   way. That way, you would get the advantages of both sides - the C
     26   program can do the normal GUI stuff, but everything can still be
     27   edited on-the-fly, and text can be retrieved (e.g. for a screen-
     28   reader).
     29 * Maybe allow option to use Xresources (see