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The "modern" web stands for the destruction of everything we hold dear through its unnecessary production of electronic waste by artificially raising the resource requirements for access to knowledge.

If you are considering throwing away an old computer because it's too slow, don't. Get better software instead. It is not computers that become slower but the software created by those who do not care about the earth.

If you are considering throwing away an old laptop because the battery barely holds a charge, don't. Is it really necessary to use your laptop wherever you go? Is that more important to you than preserving the earth for future generations? Just keep using your laptop as is and you will realize that it is quite easy to get used to a nearly dead battery. Of course, it would be possible to replace these batteries if the corporations controlling the market didn't do everything in their power to destroy the environment. Nearly every laptop has a different battery, not because it is in any way necessary, but only in order to foil attempts at making them easily replaceable.

See also Low-Tech Magazine.

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